Finding affordable health insurance as a digital nomad or freelancer can be difficult. We have partnered with some of the best digital nomad health insurance providers from around the world. Having the peace of mind while traveling can change your entire trip. Find out which provider suits you best

  1. Safety Wing – Nomad Insurance

Safety Wing was created by digital nomads for digital nomads. Their Nomad insurance is perfect for the younger digital nomad crowd up to 39 years. They also cover COVID-19 for new policy holders, and covers people from all around the world while they are outside of their home country. Best of all prices start at $42 / 4 weeks and you can even purchase it while already abroad.


2. Safety Wing – Remote Health

Safety Wing is just full of great options for all kinds of individuals and this is no different. Their Remote Health program is perfect for companies or individuals with primarily remote teams . With over 175 counties covered with premium health insurance, your entire team can have the same plan regardless of their location in the world. Also, you get 24/7 support from the very first day so nothing falls in the cracks, and as you grow your team you are eligible for lower prices and added benefits.


3. Travelex Insurance

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Travelex Insurance is perfect for trips of all sizes and lengths from weekend getaways to luxury vacations. The best part is that they have multiple plans with truly customizable options so you are able to construct the best plan for your trip. They also have 24/7 concierge assistance with 98% of claims being paid out so you know you’re covered in case of emergency.