Thank you for your interest in advertising on Nomatic Digital

Ad Type / Dimensions

  • Header Banner – 728 x 90
  • Home Page Sidebar – 300 x 250
  • Post Page Sidebar – 300 x 250
  • Youtube Home Page – default
  • Youtube Post Page – default

Program features

  • All ads are required to run for at least one month.
  • Inclusion in our email newsletter.
  • 1 Promotion post across Nomatic Digital social media accounts.
  • All pricing and ads are a cost-effective way to reach our audience of growing digital nomads and side hustlers.

Please review the following guidelines prior to submitting your post

  • The advertising program is designed to provide vendors a way to reach our readership by providing valuable non-product specific information. Overt commercials will be rejected.
  • Pricing varies based on ad and placement.
  • All submitted content must belong to you..
  • We reserve the right to reject any submission, for any reason.

Process for submitting your ad

  1. Please fill out the below application.
  2. We will review the ad within one week and let you know if we have approved it.
  3. In most cases, we will contact you directly in order to get further information on the ad you would like to run.
  4. When the ad is approved, we will provide you with a link for payment. The cost of each ad varies on placement.
  5. Once we receive payment, we will contact you to schedule a time when the ad will be published.

So that we can contact you about this post. We will NOT publish your email address.